As part of MYC’s engagement, social media posts were created for One4all. The posts featuring on Facebook included the campaign where vouchers can be won and the locations from where one may purchase these. One of the social media posts highlighted that there are over a thousand locations where these vouchers can be used. Another social media post was themed as a call to action for businesses to become partners with One4all and start accepting these vouchers as a means of payment. Work was also conducted for One4all’s LinkedIn page, to promote the brand for businesses, as part of its strategy to acquire more partners.


One4all engaged MYC for the creation of audiovisual content. Two videos were created, including a strong call to action which encourages viewers to buy One4all gift vouchers and register online. This enabled viewers the opportunity to be within the chance to win vouchers for Christmas. Consistent with the theme of the campaign, the audiovisual content portrayed a feel of Christmas and people enjoying themselves in view of the vouchers won.




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