Kavaldeep Singh

Full-Stack Developer

MYC has launched a new service pertaining to custom coding, software development and app design. Kavaldeep Singh has recently been engaged to spearhead the services in this regard. As a skilled full-stack developer, he possesses a broad range of skills that allow him to manage software projects from the start to successful completion. 

With his expertise in back-end development using NodeJS and TypeScript and front-end development using React, he is a valuable asset to MYC’s recently established software development team. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and a Master’s in software architecture.

While working at MYC, he is gaining necessary experience that is helping him to grow as a developer. MYC has provided him with a great working environment that allows him to take on projects and express his creativity. As a result, he is continuing to enhance his problem-solving skills, is becoming more eager to learn new things, and sharpening his focus on the work assigned.

Kaval enjoys reading about new technologies, discovering new places, and playing video games. If he wasn’t a developer, he would have pursued a career as an archaeologist or a teacher. His broad range of interests reflects his passion for continuous learning, development, and exploring new things.

When it comes to his most successful project, he cites one where he connected the stock of a warehouse to an online shop in real-time. This project highlights his ability to manage projects from beginning to end, and his expertise in back-end development. 

He is motivated by finding solutions to complex problems and learning new skills. His motivation reflects his eagerness to improve his skills and become a better developer. Recently, he has been involved in a project to create a platform application that will enable MYC’s clients to engage with their customers in an easier and more straightforward manner.

Kaval is a skilled full-stack developer with the expertise and experience needed to manage software projects from start to completion. His passion for learning and exploring new things, coupled with his problem-solving skills and sharp focus on his work, make him a valuable asset to MYC’s software development team.