David Pace

Business Development Consultant

David Pace works in the Business Development unit at MYC. He has been working with the agency since March 2021, and his role is to primarily source new business and introduce the company to potential clients. An integral part of his duties includes identifying where MYC can contribute through various projects whilst maintaining strong relationships with clients. Once relationships are formed, David comes up with various proposals to tend to the marketing needs of the respective clients.

David is fifty-three years of age, born in Sliema and received his education at St Edward’s College. For a large part of his career, he was involved in the insurance industry through a stint spanning fourteen years. Prior to his involvement in the insurance industry, he managed the development of the Badger Go Kart racetrack. He also worked with a leading importation company for an extensive period of time.

He holds the sport of Table Tennis quite dearly, owning a private coaching/training academy. He is also the Vice President of the Malta Table Tennis Association.