Anja Mihelič Vučinić

Head of Web developement

MYC is an integrated marketing communications agency that has been providing top notch solutions for its clients for over a decade. Among its highly skilled employees is a web designer and developer, who is passionate about her work and has quite an interesting background. Anja joined MYC just a few months ago and has already hit the ground running.

Originally from Serbia, she spent 15 years working in the hospitality business as a waiter and sommelier before moving to Malta, to pursue her restaurant career. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and she decided to change her career path to pursue her true passion for the creation and design of websites.

At MYC, her role involves designing website layouts whilst adhering to best user experience principles. She develops websites with a passion through WordPress, using the Elementor page builder. She considers herself an expert in this area, with a drive towards dedication and hard work.

When asked about her most important experiences at MYC, she highlights her enthusiasm and building relationships with new clients and a proactive approach to facing the different challenges that arise. As a team player, she is not afraid to speak her mind and express her ideas to the team. When asked to describe the working environment at MYC she described it as a functional crazy family, with a bond amongst team members that is filled with support and laughter every day.

Outside of work, she is a certified sommelier and enjoys studying, tasting, and pairing wines with food in the company of her husband. In the summer, they like to go to rocky beaches with their dog Bongo.

When describing her main attributes, she highlights organisational skills and dedication. She sets short-term and long-term goals and is motivated to achieve them. This is a testament to her success. She takes pride in her determination and hard work, which led her to achieve the level she is now at, within the span of just a few years.

On a personal level, her greatest achievement so far has been moving to a foreign country and making a home with her husband in Malta. If she did not work in marketing, she would probably be a teacher at a sommelier association.

Recently, MYC has taken on many new clients, together with several e-commerce projects and websites for luxury brands. These new design challenges create excitement and motivation for her to continue doing what she loves.