The Shoreline is one of the most exciting projects we worked on. Being such a huge project in Malta, we have been assisting them by providing both the design and the printing of the material they required to present The Shoreline project in order to educate the public about all the new opportunities that it offers.

We took care of the translated versions of the print as well for their Chinese partners and we look forward to assisting them throughout the digital campaign.


When it comes to the folder and the insert, it was about giving it a simple but elegant look without omitting any of the information which is most relevant to the project. It being under construction, we only had access to the renders of how the project will look like once completed. The most challenging aspect was to work with the Chinese translation of the document. We had the text provided and had to work through a few different steps in order to make sure that the quality will be of the highest standards for their overseas partners. The digital campaign consisted of promoting The Shoreline project through the images we had available, and the various rendering.

Our task was to prepare a layout following the brand guidelines and advertising material to better represent how the project would look like once completed.

The Google advertising focused on summarising with a few keywords the content of the inserts in order to show people what it’s all about. We prepared 3 sets of image banners, one for the residential side and another for the commercial angle, with the third one being about both.



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