The creation of the Qoffa brand was an exciting project successfully executed by the team at MYC. Qoffa represents a business that has been in operation since the nineties, delivering the fresh produce of quality fruit and vegetables. The branding identity is inspired by the Maltese traditional wicker basket known as the qoffa. It is a craft that has been around for several years and generations. The logo adopted for the brand was designed with the “ff” of Qoffa being cleverly converted to represent the wicker basket. The logo adopts a simple yet distinctive design, with the use of white and yellow, on an orange background. The colours chosen remind viewers of citrus fruits, consistent to the offering provided by Qoffa and these tones are predominantly displayed throughout the website.



The website project for Qoffa was created with the objective of reaching out to people who do not have the time to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables physically. The platform offers the opportunity for users to browse through different fruits and vegetables, and their respective prices. Integrated within the website is an e-commerce functionality, enabling users to make purchases online and have the quality goods delivered right to their doorstep. The concept of the shopping cart was cleverly converted into the qoffa style and design, for consistency with the brand. The website also contains a variety of visuals, displaying the different items available, making it easier for users to browse through the delicious options.

In preparation for the launch of the Qoffa web portal, MYC delivered a digital marketing campaign to support the client’s message of delivering fresh produce to the Maltese public. Our design team created various visuals for the campaign in line with the unique brand guidelines of the project.





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