Meli, one of the leading car rental companies locally approached MYC to beef up its digital presence. One of the most critical projects was the development of a new website. The platform created represents a clean, modern and crisp brand, enabling the company to showcase its offering in an optimised user interface. The website was created keeping in mind a proper balance between visual and textual content. Immediately once accessed, the website portrays a serious brand that has been in the market for years.


MYC assisted Meli with its social media activity, creating posts focusing on the service offered and the new website. Emphasis is focused on the message that car leasing is made easy and the launch of the new platform compliments the theme communicated. The consistency in the design created for these posts flows seamlessly with the website created.

In anticipation of the promotional material for Meli, a photoshoot was coordinated by MYC. Different photos were taken featuring eye capturing content. Some of the photos featured a sample car available for lease, the service offered and employees ready to help.



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