Lowcost furniture, a sister company of Fairdeal furniture, consists of an interesting concept, and is ideal for those looking for furniture items, without breaking the bank. It is a perfect one stop shop for an apartment to let or for those who prefer to book more holidays throughout the year, rather than looking at their furniture and remind themselves how much money they spent on it!

One of our initial deliverables was the creation of a logo, which was quite a straightforward process.

The main concept behind the Lowcost branding exercise was to deliver the message of exceptional prices of furniture in Malta. We had prepared different versions of the logo, exploring icons and typography until we decided that we needed an extra punch. We removed the icon and converted the logo into a stamp, giving emphasis on the “sold” aspect of this new design to symbolise the great value of the brand.

What followed then was the rest of the branding and a digital campaign which consisted of a coming soon, showing the items available and what was coming next. We had also designed large format prints for the showroom and we prepared the rest of the Google campaigns following the concepts that were agreed upon with the client.


The design and development of a mobile friendly website was discussed, together with the content, images and everything the visitor would be looking for prior to paying Lowcost Furniture a visit. Have a look at the website: www.lowcostfurniture.com.mt

Once the project got finalised, a digital marketing campaign covering, Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Display advertising targeting a Maltese audience was launched. MYC proudly assists Lowcost Furniture with their ongoing marketing campaigns.
We look forward to see this business grow more and more, becoming yet another household name in furniture in Malta.



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