Josefa got in touch with MYC through a referral who promised peace of mind. Like most projects, we took off by retouching the logo as the client instructed. Following the exchange of ideas, the final design which included the change of wording from ‘manufacturing’ to ‘Foods’, we then proceeded to numerous tasks which required swift completion.

We redesigned the company’s business image. The creation of the logo took us down different experiments, one of which was to use the profile of the original owner and turn that into an icon for their business. In the end, this option was discarded in favor of something cleaner that could represent the large variety of items. Stationery followed the creation of the new identity.

We have worked together with Josefa Foods, which required many photoshoots and film-making sessions at the factory to produce different videos for the marketing campaign. The company’s staff would guide us through the cooking processes to be able to better represent the dishes and recipes they have available.


MYC prints on large format and also stationery. We printed the business cards and other promotional collateral for Josefa Foods.

MYC designs and creates mobile friendly websites, providing online platforms to cater for the needs of modern-day consumers. MYC does not only design a website which represents an organisation, we launch websites that can help our clients generate more business. Josefa Foods’ website also has an e-commerce section where one can order food items directly.

MYC created digital media channels for Josefa Foods and managed campaigns from the studio. Josefa Foods achieved an increase in sales and awareness from the very initial months of the launch of the campaign.

It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside humble and hardworking people such as the staff employed by Josefa Foods.



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