Benna, a leading local provider of milk and dairy products approached MYC for the creation of audiovisual content. In line with the expectations and requirements of the client, a short video capturing the essence of the message that Benna wishes to deliver was created. The concise video focused on the freshness of the products, enabling the brand to communicate its clear differentiator from other competitors in the market. The video adopted a playful tone through colourful illustrations to capture the attention of both parents and children alike, in view of the approaching school term.


Consistent to the audiovisual material created, the same tone and message were delivered through Benna’s Facebook page. The content published on social media adopts a similar playful tone featuring children enjoying Benna’s fresh milk together. Consistent with the back to school concept and the same playful tone, one of the visuals for social media contained an illustration of a large carton and a smaller one. The illustration implies a back to school concept, with the smaller carton carrying a back pack.

In preparation for the marketing collateral delivered to Benna, MYC coordinated a photoshoot. The theme of the photography captured children in a casual environment enjoying their milk, whilst featuring the different products available.




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